Locked Down for Radio Interview

May 19, 2010

Hammer here — Federal Death Row

Well, it’s official. Yours truly is in the shit again! I was informed at 1:00 P.M. Monday May 17 that I am officially under investigation for posing a threat to the security of the institution, all because of the Radio Interview I did with Alex Jones on Friday, May 14, 2010. For those of you who haven’t heard the interview it’s on Facebook, and several other places on the web. I’m told by those who have immediate control over me that my legal calls to my attorneys including Jesse Trentadue have been suspended. I have no doubt that my social calls and e-mail access will be terminated soon as well.

It appears as if the federal government is intent on trying to keep me quiet about the Oklahoma City Bombing. I’m afraid that they may be planning to try and shut me up for good. Early in the a.m. shortly after midnight (May 17, 2010) the unit officer came by my cell to inform me that I was going to be going on a medical trip and to refrain from eating or drinking.  Since I’m not scheduled for any such trip I respectfully declined to go on any such trip. It would be an easy thing for some guard to say I attempted to escape after he had shot me. No, I’m not paranoid, and those of you who know me well know this to be true. I don’t however put anything past some people within the Department of Justice and other governmental agencies.

I’m told that I am going to be transferred to an isolation cell here on the unit. I don’t know for certain as no written or official word has been given to me yet. What I know comes from the officers working the unit. About five minutes ago, my Counselor, John Edwards brought me some legal mail and when I asked him if this was all because of the Alex Jones Interview, he said, “I shouldn’t have to tell you this.” When I explained to him that according to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit’s en banc opinion, I am allowed to do telephone interviews and I’m allowed to conduct conference calls with my attorneys,

Mr. Edwards stated “You’ll have to take that up with someone above my pay grade.” Well, so far I’ve not seen anyone else in any position of authority.

I attempted to place several telephone calls on the inmate telephone line to alert y’all to my situation, but wasn’t able to get the calls to go through. Kept getting a recording saying you have reached mail box——— I’ve not yet been told if this is the Bureau of Prisons intercepting the calls or what. Usually they are only allowed to take such action after disciplinary action has been litigated in the institutional system.

I want to get the word out to Alex Jones, Scott Horton, and online via all avenues. I can’t blog if they take away my e-mail access, so I need those of you in a position to do so to do it for me. I encourage Warden Helen J. Marberry’s e-mail address and telephone number be placed online. The more people who protest what is happening the better. Those of you in a position to do Alex Jones show and to cover this situation the better. There is still a First Amendment in this country and while prison officials may be able to stop me from speaking out, they can’t stop y’all.

I want to send this on now in hopes that it will reach you all before they stop my e-mails from going out.

Just so everyone knows, I am not planning to kill myself or do anything else stupid. If I end up dead it’s for speaking the truth and nothing more.

In Solidarity,

David Paul Hammer

Federal Death Row


Oklahoma City, You Hold the Key to the Mystery

May 11, 2010

Hammer here – Federal Death Row.

Recently I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine. We were discussing my interview with Scott Horton, and she commented on having listened to the interview with her 20-year old daughter. The young woman was shocked to hear all of the information about the OKC bombing. She knew all about 9/11 but nothing about Oklahoma City. Now that doesn’t come as any big surprise to me, and it shouldn’t to you either.

My new book Deadly Secrets contains information that many will find shocking, but the facts are supported by the research and documents upon which the book is based. Read it! It’s available at authorhouse.com, and while I am admittedly promoting the book on this blog, I’m also attempting to engage you in a dialogue about what happened 15 years ago.

Once the whole truth comes out, I believe we’re going to expose a corrupt counter-terrorism system that has played a tragic role in terrorist strikes from Oklahoma City to 9/11 and beyond.

My continued contact with some of the victims’ family members in Oklahoma gives me a glimpse into just how  devastating that bomb was. They haven’t been able to,  as McVeigh put it, “get on with their lives.” Can anyone get on with life while known terrorists are still free, walking the streets and being protected by our government? I don’t believe so.

Are you outraged by this? Let me hear from you, Oklahoma.

In fact, solving this case has to begin with those of you in Oklahoma City, who, like my friend, were hardest hit by this tragedy. Over the years, you survivors who lost loved ones in the bombing have gathered bits and pieces of information about what really happened and who was really behind it. If someone telephoned you and told you something, if you met someone in the supermarket who saw or heard something that could begin the chain of clues that leads back to the truth, now is the time to bring that information forward.


Because on this blog, we are united into a watch group powerful enough to crack this case wide open. Already, we are receiving tips and leads that we are following up. And remember, as I said in the book — SOMEONE KNOWS. This blog is all about finding out the truth.

So, this is a call to action to you survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing. Speak up now. Send us leads. Be as specific as possible. Post them right here on this blog. We will report on them, follow them, and build on them.
If you need to remain anonymous, and you need your tip to remain confidential, please shoot us an email: deadlysecrets@att.net. What goes down there stays there.

There’s another way you can help: Spread the word about this blog to others in Oklahoma City who may possess crucial information. Tell them about this blog or send them a link: https://deadlysecrets.wordpress.com.

As Deadly Secrets makes clear, the investigation of this case was flawed beyond belief. But it’s not too late to bring justice for those who died in the Murrah Building.

It has to start with those of you who are still here.

Information Now.

Let us hear from you!

— David Paul Hammer

Federal Death Row

Lone Mastermind Theory: No Leg to Stand On

May 7, 2010

Hammer here –Federal Death Row.

One of the mysterious clues in my new book — Deadly Secrets: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing — that I hear the most buzz about is the “extra leg” recovered from the rubble of the Murrah Building.

The government wants everyone to forget about about this gigantic clue. But instead, someone should seriously investigate it, because amazingly, that has never been done.

What about this extra leg, which was never identified? Very suspiciously, it was dressed in military-type fatigues and a combat boot. No one has ever come forward to claim a dead family member or friend who happened to go missing at the time of the bombing. Experts at McVeigh’s trial in Denver testified that the assumption has to be that the leg belonged to one of the bombers!

Former Oklahoma State Medical Examiner Dr. Fred B. Jordan testified that despite all efforts, his office was never able to identify whose leg it was. Is this clue not important? There’s no innocent reason a person dressed in military garb would have business at the Murrah Federal Building and not be identified. Any one with legitimate business there would have been reported missing. No one was.

Incredibly, that unidentified leg and other human remains were buried close to the Oklahoma State Capitol Building. There is some type of a memorial there now. A tourist attraction for the City. Doesn’t that seem strange?  Salt Lake City attorney Jesse C. Trentadue sought answers to the mystery of the leg. He filed a Freedom of Information request with the FBI. Its response was that no DNA testing was ever done on the extra leg.

Really? Why not? I mean, that would be the logical thing to do — especially as part of what was billed as the most massive criminal investigation ever, and one that presumed, at least in the beginning, that at least one unidentified fugitive bomber had helped McVeigh carry out the crime.

For sure, it’s late coming. But it’s not too late for this testing. As I concluded again and again in Deadly Secrets, there is a treasure trove of hard evidence waiting to be investigated in the bombing case. Any one of these clues could be the one to crack the case wide open.

Surely the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner’s Office kept a specimen for testing. Why isn’t there a cry for answers? Who was this person who apparently died in the bomb blast: victim or perpetrator?

Read Deadly Secrets and you will find the likely answer, that is, if McVeigh was telling me the truth.

Right now, another terrorist bomber has captivated our attention: the New York City Car Bomber. For sure, our country seems to be the target of foreign terrorism. The perpetrators seem to be sleeper agents recruited here.  But did this all start with Oklahoma City? Can you name one act of terrorism against the USA by an outside source before OKC, other than Pearl Harbor?

There’s more to come. My research associates are working on the mystery leg and other clues we uncovered in Deadly Secrets.

We’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, please play back to me. Tell me what you think of the case laid out in Deadly Secrets — and where you think the investigation should go next.

Let’s continue this conversation.

–David Paul Hammer

Federal Death Row

Terre Haute,Indiana

The Real McVeigh Interviews were Mine

April 22, 2010

Hammer here — Federal Death Row:

I watched the Rachel Maddow MSNBC show on The McVeigh Tapes (4/19/10) on Federal Death Row in Terre Haute, Indiana. The broadcast  made me want to puke! The McVeigh Tapes was nothing more than McVeigh’s attempt to manipulate the public. I know from talking with him after the interviews featured on this 2-hour broadcast that McVeigh was laughing at having duped the writer Lou Michel.

I was in the cubicle next to McVeigh at the ADX during the first two days of those interviews in 1999. I heard every word and watched his gestures, tapping of fingers, facial expressions, standing up, sitting down and moving as much as one can in a small closet like visiting room.

A friend was visiting at the same time, and he too saw and heard McVeigh. The interviews continued in January 2000, after McVeigh and I had both been transferred from the ADX at Florence, CO to the federal death row unit in TERRE HAUTE, IN. I spent the last 23 months of McVeigh’s life on death row with him. We spoke almost daily and some days for several hours. My latest book, Deadly Secrets, reveals all that McVeigh told me about the OKC Bombing. Check it out at authorhouse.com and you will get the real story, backed by an in-depth investigation, documents, videotapes and more.

Don’t buy into the Rachel Maddow spin machine version of Tim McVeigh’s authorized biography. He was playing for his audience.

Anyone who listened to his words on those tapes can clearly detect his attempts at manipulation. Ask yourself this… Where was Rob Nigh, McVeigh’s most trusted lawyer and friend? You didn’t see him or hear him in that program. Why? You didn’t see or hear Stephen Jones, McVeigh’s main trial attorney. Why? He doesn’t buy the official story concocted to let McVeigh and his ego shine through.

Many may not know this, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons gave Michel and Dan Herbeck unprecedented access to McVeigh for their interviews and then immediately stopped all other federal death row inmates from speaking face to face with the media. They helped to get the official story out through McVeigh and his hand-picked reporters. Then a blanket of silence was imposed. Why would the federal government do that?

McVeigh was a government agent at all times leading up to and after the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. The facts, the proof and McVeigh’s confessions are contained in my book Deadly Secrets at authorhouse.com. If you read the facts as outlined there the real story becomes obvious. The records speak for themself, and they support McVeigh’s own words.

Very few people in Oklahoma or elsewhere believe the so-called official version of the OKC Bombing. Most of the victims and victims’ families no longer believe the government version. They have good reason not to. I will not be silenced in my efforts to let the world know exactly what McVeigh was really like, what he said and the names he revealed of those who helped him in the bombing, both the preparation, planning and the delivery of the bombs. That’s right bombs, plural, as there were more than one.

One thing that the tapes played on the R.M. Show did reveal……. On the morning of April 18th, 1995, McVeigh said he was expecting “someone” to join him at the storage facility to load the bomb making materials. The voice-over then inserted that he was waiting for Terry Nichols… That’s not what McVeigh said. Only minutes before, McVeigh had stated that Nichols  had backed out and wouldn’t help. Why say someone was to join him? Why not name the person, especially if it was Terry Nichols, who he had already identified? The answers are in Deadly Secrets.

If you want answers, I’m here to provide them. Read my book, and then ask away….. There are people who know what really happened in OKC, and eventually they will tell the truth. Others involved will be identified and then the question is what happens to the official story. Secrets never stay hidden forever. In closing for now…. I know McVeigh’s secrets because he told them to me in exchange for certain assistance from me. He knew of my intent to write a book about him. We struck a bargain, which I’ve previously explained as a bargain of necessity. Find out more. Deadly Secrets, authorhouse.com

–David Paul Hammer

Federal Death Row

Terre Haute, Indiana