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The Real McVeigh Interviews were Mine

April 22, 2010

Hammer here — Federal Death Row:

I watched the Rachel Maddow MSNBC show on The McVeigh Tapes (4/19/10) on Federal Death Row in Terre Haute, Indiana. The broadcast¬† made me want to puke! The McVeigh Tapes was nothing more than McVeigh’s attempt to manipulate the public. I know from talking with him after the interviews featured on this 2-hour broadcast that McVeigh was laughing at having duped the writer Lou Michel.

I was in the cubicle next to McVeigh at the ADX during the first two days of those interviews in 1999. I heard every word and watched his gestures, tapping of fingers, facial expressions, standing up, sitting down and moving as much as one can in a small closet like visiting room.

A friend was visiting at the same time, and he too saw and heard McVeigh. The interviews continued in January 2000, after McVeigh and I had both been transferred from the ADX at Florence, CO to the federal death row unit in TERRE HAUTE, IN. I spent the last 23 months of McVeigh’s life on death row with him. We spoke almost daily and some days for several hours. My latest book, Deadly Secrets, reveals all that McVeigh told me about the OKC Bombing. Check it out at and you will get the real story, backed by an in-depth investigation, documents, videotapes and more.

Don’t buy into the Rachel Maddow spin machine version of Tim McVeigh’s authorized biography. He was playing for his audience.

Anyone who listened to his words on those tapes can clearly detect his attempts at manipulation. Ask yourself this… Where was Rob Nigh, McVeigh’s most trusted lawyer and friend? You didn’t see him or hear him in that program. Why? You didn’t see or hear Stephen Jones, McVeigh’s main trial attorney. Why? He doesn’t buy the official story concocted to let McVeigh and his ego shine through.

Many may not know this, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons gave Michel and Dan Herbeck unprecedented access to McVeigh for their interviews and then immediately stopped all other federal death row inmates from speaking face to face with the media. They helped to get the official story out through McVeigh and his hand-picked reporters. Then a blanket of silence was imposed. Why would the federal government do that?

McVeigh was a government agent at all times leading up to and after the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. The facts, the proof and McVeigh’s confessions are contained in my book Deadly Secrets at If you read the facts as outlined there the real story becomes obvious. The records speak for themself, and they support McVeigh’s own words.

Very few people in Oklahoma or elsewhere believe the so-called official version of the OKC Bombing. Most of the victims and victims’ families no longer believe the government version. They have good reason not to. I will not be silenced in my efforts to let the world know exactly what McVeigh was really like, what he said and the names he revealed of those who helped him in the bombing, both the preparation, planning and the delivery of the bombs. That’s right bombs, plural, as there were more than one.

One thing that the tapes played on the R.M. Show did reveal……. On the morning of April 18th, 1995, McVeigh said he was expecting “someone” to join him at the storage facility to load the bomb making materials. The voice-over then inserted that he was waiting for Terry Nichols… That’s not what McVeigh said. Only minutes before, McVeigh had stated that Nichols ¬†had backed out and wouldn’t help. Why say someone was to join him? Why not name the person, especially if it was Terry Nichols, who he had already identified? The answers are in Deadly Secrets.

If you want answers, I’m here to provide them. Read my book, and then ask away….. There are people who know what really happened in OKC, and eventually they will tell the truth. Others involved will be identified and then the question is what happens to the official story. Secrets never stay hidden forever. In closing for now…. I know McVeigh’s secrets because he told them to me in exchange for certain assistance from me. He knew of my intent to write a book about him. We struck a bargain, which I’ve previously explained as a bargain of necessity. Find out more. Deadly Secrets,

–David Paul Hammer

Federal Death Row

Terre Haute, Indiana