Oklahoma City, You Hold the Key to the Mystery

Hammer here – Federal Death Row.

Recently I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine. We were discussing my interview with Scott Horton, and she commented on having listened to the interview with her 20-year old daughter. The young woman was shocked to hear all of the information about the OKC bombing. She knew all about 9/11 but nothing about Oklahoma City. Now that doesn’t come as any big surprise to me, and it shouldn’t to you either.

My new book Deadly Secrets contains information that many will find shocking, but the facts are supported by the research and documents upon which the book is based. Read it! It’s available at authorhouse.com, and while I am admittedly promoting the book on this blog, I’m also attempting to engage you in a dialogue about what happened 15 years ago.

Once the whole truth comes out, I believe we’re going to expose a corrupt counter-terrorism system that has played a tragic role in terrorist strikes from Oklahoma City to 9/11 and beyond.

My continued contact with some of the victims’ family members in Oklahoma gives me a glimpse into just how  devastating that bomb was. They haven’t been able to,  as McVeigh put it, “get on with their lives.” Can anyone get on with life while known terrorists are still free, walking the streets and being protected by our government? I don’t believe so.

Are you outraged by this? Let me hear from you, Oklahoma.

In fact, solving this case has to begin with those of you in Oklahoma City, who, like my friend, were hardest hit by this tragedy. Over the years, you survivors who lost loved ones in the bombing have gathered bits and pieces of information about what really happened and who was really behind it. If someone telephoned you and told you something, if you met someone in the supermarket who saw or heard something that could begin the chain of clues that leads back to the truth, now is the time to bring that information forward.


Because on this blog, we are united into a watch group powerful enough to crack this case wide open. Already, we are receiving tips and leads that we are following up. And remember, as I said in the book — SOMEONE KNOWS. This blog is all about finding out the truth.

So, this is a call to action to you survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing. Speak up now. Send us leads. Be as specific as possible. Post them right here on this blog. We will report on them, follow them, and build on them.
If you need to remain anonymous, and you need your tip to remain confidential, please shoot us an email: deadlysecrets@att.net. What goes down there stays there.

There’s another way you can help: Spread the word about this blog to others in Oklahoma City who may possess crucial information. Tell them about this blog or send them a link: https://deadlysecrets.wordpress.com.

As Deadly Secrets makes clear, the investigation of this case was flawed beyond belief. But it’s not too late to bring justice for those who died in the Murrah Building.

It has to start with those of you who are still here.

Information Now.

Let us hear from you!

— David Paul Hammer

Federal Death Row


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